Ingliskeelne võistlus 5. klassidele SPELLING BEE 2020

Kuupäev: 15.01.2020
Kell: 12:30
Koht: Keila Kool
Tüüp: opilasyritus
Liik: maakondlik
Omavalitsus: Keila linn
Korraldaja: SPELLING BEE 2020 for year 5 students of Harju County
On the 15th of January year 5 students from all over Harju County are warmly welcomed in Keila Kool to participate in SPELLING BEE 2020.
Please arrive between 12:30 and 13:00 (and do bring indoor shoes).
Enjoy refreshments and find a way to one of the five classrooms where the first part of the competition is held.

The competition
In each classroom the same video of pronouncer saying ten words is played.
Two best spellers from each class move on to the finale and three best finalists compete in the grand-finale.
The contest is conducted in rounds. Each speller remaining in the spelling bee at the start of a round spells one word in the round.
Upon misspelling, the speller immediately drops out of the competition. If all of the members of a round misspell their words, a new round is started.
In grand finale, the three remaining contestants are both given 5 words to spell. The contestant who spells more words out of the 5 correctly is the winner.
If all contestants spell the same number of words correctly, another round of 5 words is started.

• The speller may ask the pronouncer to say the word again, define it, and/or use it in a sentence
• The speller must repeat the word
• The speller must spell the word
• The speller must repeat the word again to notify that they’ve finished spelling
• Having started to spell a word, the speller is allowed to start over once in a round
• Misspelling or ignoring any of the rules results in elimination

We’re hoping to see 1-2 students per every class in a school. Maximum number of participants is 100 students. Please register at your earliest convenience but no later than 10th January.
With any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Spelling bee team (Äli Teeääre ali.teeaare@keilakool.ee, 56573435)
Korraldaja organisatsioon: Äli Teeääre ali.teeaare@keilakool.ee, 56573435

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